Q & A

Questions we think customers should think through before talking to professionals about their project?

Is this a project that should be handled financially through your property insurance? For Asbestos (prior to any type of demolition) related projects, is my property built prior to 1982? If so it will need an Asbestos Test done. For Lead (prior to any type of demolition) related projects, is my property built prior to 1978? If so it will need to have a Lead Test done. Mold: Remember that bleach DOES NOT fix the problem only temporarily masks the problem. It is best to have a proper test done to provide you with an accurate spore count of the type of mold present, from there we can provide you with the best options moving forward.

Advice EES would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

For all hazardous related services MAKE SURE you are working with a company who has their employees trained and certified by a third party. Check to make sure the company has a active and in good standing ROC#, as well as making sure the ROC license number pertains to the type of service they provide. READ REVIEWS, in this era reviews are at a click of the finger and will provide you with the best peace of mind when hiring a company. Not to say that all reviews are always accurate but you will be able to get an educated idea of who the company is, the service they provide and the product of work.

What is EES Mission?

We strive to always treat each opportunity as if it was our first job ever and keep the excitement of not only providing great service and product but also knowing that we were able to help individuals whom in our line of work is typically going through a process they have never before. We see our line of wok everyday but we understand you may not and our team is great and making sure you understand we understand and are here to help and answer any questions you may have along the way. This way of thinking has led us to be found of all the projects we have had because we have yet and hope to never have an unhappy customer or a customer who felt they were not completely knowledgeable about their project from start to finish.

What types of customers have EES worked with?

We work with homeowners directly, property management companies, insurance companies and claims adjusters as well as other contractors in the valley whom are not certified in specialty work and sub contract out their environmental opportunities.

How did EES get started doing this type of work?

We may be a newer business but not new to the industry. The owner Amber Kraft with several years in the industry decided to start on her own adventure in July of 2017. An old co worker of hers Christopher Garcia whom was a previous Lead Asbestos Supervisor was currently working in the oil fields in Texas when he was presented with the information of the new start up company. Within 2 days Chris left the state of Texas and his current position to become the General Manager of EES and assist in the growth of the new company. We were blessed to be able to hire on two more Certified Asbestos Inspectors/ Supervisors, whom have taken on the rolls of Abatement/ Field Supervisors for EES. We all have a strong love and passion for this industry and many years of experience where we were able to learn and grow, to eventually lead us here. Although, we may be a new name around town we can assure you the experience you will have with us will be nothing less of the perfection we strive for.

What education and/or training does EES have that relates to your work?

The EES Team is all AHERA Asbestos Contractor Supervisor Certified and Building Inspector Certified and can provide an Identification card with the certification number to help homeowners feel more comfortable that they are indeed working with Trained and Certified individuals.

What is our typical process for working with a new customer?

Scheduling a Free Estimate where we will provide you with knowledge to the issue of your concern. Our main goal is to make sure the customer is taken care. We want you to be familiar with all of your best options even if that means we are not needed for services. If we have all decided it is an service we can provide to you we will have you sign our work authorization form and also determine if the concern would be best handled by your insurance claim center or a "cash job". Our team lead will then schedule with you for the service and give you all the details from start to finish of what you can expect moving forward. Once the job has moved forward you will receive an email link that will take you to your online portal. Your portal will have all the information pertaining to your job, any documents you have signed, photos, contact information, and invoice information.