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asbestos testing & removal

• Drywall
• Popcorn Ceiling
• Flooring
• Mastic

Once we've tested your building, we'll remove all traces of asbestos fibers from your property quickly and safely. 

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•  Asbestos containing materials are NOT banned in the United States
•  Insurance Industry Standard for testing residential properties: 1982
•   All commercial properties regardless of the year REQUIRE testing
•  Commercial Facilities require a NESHAP permit with the county for removal
    *additional investment*
• Asbestos Testing includes three samples of the same material type/texture to prove proper            positive or negative results

Most Common Materials Types for testing:

• Insulation
• Piping
• Roof Tiles

asbestos is not banned in the US

Everclear uses Benefect Decon 30 during our Asbestos service. Benefect Decon 30 uses the powerful botanical properties of thyme to deliver a low-toxicity cleaner and disinfectant effective against COVID-19. Made with essential oils, Decon 30 is EPA registered and kills bacteria in just 30 seconds (10 minute for COVID-19).



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