Meet the team

Welcome to our Meet the Team section of our website. If you are reading this, I applaud you for taking the time out of your day to really get to know the company you are considering using for your environmental needs.

My name is Amber Kraft and I am the owner of Everclear Environmental Solutions. I am a wife and mother of three, unless we are going off who we clean up after in the home, that would make me more like a mother of four, (just kidding). We are a very active family between our son racing motocross, our daughter on a competitive cheer team, family lake trips and of course growing Everclear Environmental into not only the best Environmental company in Arizona, but also striving to be the best place to work for our employees. Although I am the owner of the company my whole family plays a part in the adventures of owning and operating EES. I am extremely blessed and grateful to be supported in my passion by husband and children even on the weeks when mom only gets home in time to kiss them goodnight.

Meet the Owner & Learn the EES Story

At the young age of 20, I was offered a dispatch position with an HVAC company. I was quickly recognized for my work ethics and promoted to their restoration division. I was able to learn a whole new industry that I had no idea would later turn into not only a lifelong career path, but passion. I eventually parted ways with the company and went on to start as an office administrator for a startup company in the same industry but mainly focusing on the environmental needs. I later took on the role of office manager followed by business development manager. Although I had a very strong love for this company and had a huge impact on the growth of it, something was missing. Someone I look up to and admire for her professional persistence reminded me of my worth, and to never lose my self-confidence. It was then I knew, it was time to move on. I wasn't sure at that time what I was going to be moving on too, but I was ready for a new challenge.

After a few weeks of missing what I loved to do, my husband bluntly said, "why don't you start your own company, you know everything about the industry and are great at it". Let me tell you, never in a million years would I have thought I was capable of starting my own company, but here we are and I couldn't be happier in making that decision and having the support of so many, personal and professional; rooting for me along the way.

In July of 2017 Everclear Environmental Solutions became official. A previous asbestos supervisor and co-worker of mine, Christopher Garcia, was working in the oil fields in Texas when I presented him with the information of the new startup company. Within 2 days Chris left the state of Texas and his current position to become the General Manager of Everclear Environmental and assist me in the growth of EES. We have been blessed in adding amazing people to the EES family through the years. We all have a strong love and passion for this industry and many years of experience which enables us to help future employees learn and grow. This industry is constantly expanding, and it is the love and passion we have for Arizona citizens that drives us to be the best Environmental company in Arizona. We pride ourselves on the simple fact, we put our client's best interest first. When you hire Everclear, you are helping a family thrive as well as giving us the chance to prove to you and who you refer us to, we are the best. We are a FIVE STAR rated company and plan on many years of helping Arizona stay healthy!